Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors

All of our Board of Directors are experienced current or former science teachers that have worked in our richly awarded Massachusetts Science Center Curriculum System

Michael Bergen

Michael has been the CEO and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Science Center for 24 years. He has worked hands-on with over 1.2 million children and is recognized as one of the leading educational motivators in the country. As a dynamic professional with international sales, marketing and business management experience he is the driving force behind the marketing, culture and mission of the organization. He has successfully designed programs to help organizations create, manage and implement their strategic vision. Mr. Bergen has superior experience in building national sales teams and challenging the imagination with exciting and innovative products, services, promotions and special events. He has also authored 3 books.

Alison White

Alison graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2015. She recently completed her Master’s Degree in School Counseling at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Ms. White has been a part of the Top Secret Science and Math team over the past five years

Lila Gardner

With 5 years of business experience, Ms. Gardner brings a wealth of financial expertise to the organization. Lila graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth with a Bachelors degree in Crime and Justice studies. For the past 3 years she has worked in the medical field at a veterinary hospital as both Lead Client Service Coordinator and skilled Veterinary Technician.

Steve Small

Stephen has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Mr. Small has years of teaching experience including ESL science at an inner city middle school and now currently as a middle school science teacher. Steve also coaches the middle school baseball team.

Kelsey Hargrove

Kelsey is the physics laboratory manager & instructor, and Mendel Observatory director at Merrimack College. Ms. Hargrove received her Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida where she studied the composition of primitive asteroids and their connection to water and life here on earth. Kelsey is passionate about STEM and science research especially for women and minorities.

Kelly Holey

Kelly has been a middle school science teacher in the Lynn MA public schools for 4 years. Currently she is the Science Department Head at Breed Middle schools. Science has been a passion of hers since she was a young child and she enjoys teaching the content to middle school-aged children. Ms. Carter is looking forward to attaining a graduate degree for school leadership.

Khai McNally-Bibbins

Khai recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Math from the Dominican College of Blauvelt in New York. He has years of K-6 teaching experience. He currently resides in Staten Island, NY and works for a large financial services company.

Chris Buonocore

Chris recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the College of the University of New York (CUNY). He is currently in the graduate chemistry department at Hunter College in NYC. Mr. Buonocore is also CEO of CB Chemistry Tutoring which tutors college students for exams.

Ross Bergen

Ross is the Director of Marketing & Sales for the Massachusetts Science Center. He was formerly the CEO of Serendipity Press which is a publisher of fine books and posters located in the Boston area. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Mr. Bergen received national attention as the first person in Massachusetts history to visit and record all 351 towns and cities in the Commonwealth back in 2014.

Mary Jo Sullivan

Mary Jo has an extensive 20 year business career in financial services & non-profits. She supports the Vice President and CTO at the Mitre Corporation. Ms. Sullivan is very active with her family and volunteering with schools and church.

Lauren Hinkle

Lauren has been working with children for 11 years. She has two Bachelor’s degrees in Education and Geography from Salem State University in Salem, MA. Ms. Hinkle is currently working as a teacher at a preschool in Lynn, MA.

Rachel Swain

Rachel works at the Honolulu Museum of Art. Ms. Swain is a sculpture/installation artist and has a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Art Education. She is interested in the relationship between art and science and bringing it into the educational setting to create a rich learning experience. Ms. Swain is interested in opening her own artist studio as a space to exhibit work and teach classes.