Hands-on School Programs/ Home School Programs/ Family Science Nights


Individual classes, grades or entire schools. Programs per grade level, pre-school, grades K-2, grades 1-5, grades 6-8 or multi-age programs, groups from 20 – 500 students.

  • Hands-on School Programs

  • Teacher Workshops

  • Home School Programs

  • Summer / School Vacation Camps

  • Family Science Nights

  • Scout Programs

  • Science Fairs

  • After-School Programs

$5.00 – $6.00 per child – $175 Minimum
At your school, camp, or other location

  • Class duration is one to eight weeks

  • Classes any time during the day or after school

  • 3-4 make and take home projects

  • 4 – 6 different science experiments

  • Choose from one or more categories or create your own

  • Pre-school, grades K-2, grades 1-5 or multi-age programs, grades 6-8

We have exciting programs that fit every grade level curriculum and state science standard from Pre-K to 8. The following are just some sample areas:

Crazy Chemistry – Chemical elements, liquids-solids-gases, flourescence, weird reactions, crystals, rubber, dry ice, matter, food chemistry, fingerprinting

Faster than a Speeding Bullet – Ultraviolet light, colors & light, speed, sound, optical illusions

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Air pressure, waves, tornadoes, evaporation, vacuums, density, buoyancy

Roller Coaster Rides – Physics, balance, motion, flight, inertia, friction and bubbles, forces, energy, balls & ramps, gravity

Heat & Company – Temperatures, melting, air flow, chemical reactions, pressure

Electronic Gadgets Gizmos – Static vs. circuit, magnetism, conductors vs. insulators, electromagnets, memory wires, Tesla coils, electroscopes

Space Adventure – Planetariums, constellations, telling time, astronomy, star finders, finding north, light

The Good Earth – Recycling, fossils, crystals, rocks & minerals, earth games, weather and climate • Science Magic & Games

We have programs that meet and exceed all National Science Standards at each grade cluster level. There are four strands for each cluster and include earth and space science, life science (biology), physical sciences (physics and chemistry), and technology/engineering. Because of our hands-on approach with lots of make and take home projects we work exclusively in all the strands except the life sciences. Here are the subtopics at each grade cluster level:

PreK – Grade 2

Earth & Space – Earth’s Materials, The Weather, The Sun as a Source of Light & Heat, Periodic Phenomena

Physical – Properties of Objects, States of Matter, Position and Motion of Objects

Technology/Engineering – Materials & Tools, Engineering Design

Grade 3-5

Earth & Space – Properties of Rocks & Minerals, The Weather, The Water Cycle, The Earth’s History, The Earth in the Solar System

Physical – Properties of Objects & Materials, States of Matter, Forms of Energy

Technology/Engineering – Materials & Tools, Engineering Design

Grade 6-8

Earth & Space – Mapping the Earth, Earth’s Structure, Heat Transfer, The Earth’s History, The Earth in the Solar System

Physical – Properties of Matter, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Motion of Objects, Heat Transfer, Forms of Energy

Technology/Engineering – Materials, Tools & Machines, Communication & Construction Technologies, Manufacturing Technologies

For Junior Girl Scouts (and Bridging Brownies)

  • Science Sleuth Badge

  • Science Discovery Badge

  • Sky Search Badge

  • Weather Watch Badge

  • Water Wonders Badge

  • Dabbler Badge

For Brownie Girl Scouts

  • Science Wonders Try-It

  • Science in Action Try-It

  • Space Explorer Try-It

  • Movers Try-It

  • My Body Try-It

  • Senses Try-It

  • Math Fun Try It

For Webelo Boy Scouts

  • Scientist Badge

  • Geologist Badge

  • Engineer Badge