Top Secret Kids

“Only 1% of charities have earned the Platinum Seal”

Pilot program achievements from the 2021-2022 academic year in the Boston area include:

–  A 24% Increase in Science MCAS Scores
–  A 91% Increase in Student Science Career Interest
–  A 87% Increase in Cognitive Learning and Testing
–  A 76% Increase in Teacher Assessment of Student Success

Top Secret Kids

Invent, Engineer, Explore, Fly, Wonder, Dream…

Top Secret Science & Math (a non-profit charitable organization) would like to introduce you to an amazing and rewarding STEM enrichment experience.  With a majority of students needing improvement or failing standardized STEM tests – now is the perfect opportunity to help students enjoy more hands-on science and improve test scores.

Top Secret Science & Math offers over 600 exciting yet simple experiments.  We exceed state and national standards and have over 30 different STEM curriculums that will fit any need for your PreK-8 students.  Having fun with matter, balance & motion, light & sound, magnets, electricity, air & water properties, earth science, weather, crystals or astronomy are just some of the many areas for your students to investigate, discover and explore right there in your classrooms. 


 e are one of America’s leading science organizations and have personally worked with over 1.5 million children in over 800 preschools to middle schools throughout New England and New York over the past 27 years. 


Science is a fascinating adventure of fantastic discoveries and imaginative investigation that affects us every day. Unfortunately, science is not viewed as a priority at a young age which means that a child’s natural curiosity can diminish, and over time they can lose interest. But, science is essential to understanding the complexities and opportunities of everyday life. Our vision is to instill a very high level of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness about science and high technology. This will excite children to learn at any early age by opening their minds and increasing their interest to further learning in the future. At Top Secret Science & Math we offer a wonderful environment where your child can build a science foundation that will open the doors to a lifetime of learning.

Our STEM Enrichment Program includes professional development which is designed to help teachers at all grade levels.  This hands-on development by Top Secret Science trained teachers maximizes teacher confidence and knowledge of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and local state science standards.


  • A welcome additive to your school’s current science curriculum
  • Wide variety of fascinating science topics in an interactive environment
  • Small Classes
  • A safe, comfortable environment
  • Trained professionals with many years of teaching and coaching experience with children
  • Private facilities and rooms
  • All materials and supplies provided
  • Our programs exceed National Science Standards
  • Children can learn a wide range of science process, critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills

Science Process Skills


Measuring/Using Numbers
Collecting, Recording And Interpreting Data
Identifying and Controlling Variables
Defining Operationally
Making Hypotheses
Making and Using Models

Critical Thinking Skills


Generating Ideas
Expressing Ideas
Solving Problems

Scientific Reasoning Skills


Longing to Know And Understand
Questioning of Scientific Assumptions
Search for Data and Its Meaning
Demand for Verification
Respect For Logic
Consideration of The Premises
Consideration of Consequences
Respect for Historical Contributions