• Each kit includes 5 fun, hands-on, quality make and take home curriculum STEM projects.
  • Each project is complete with teacher overview, step by step instructions & materials.
  • Each kit includes online videos for teachers and students.
  • Each kit is only $10.00 per student.
  • Option for hands-on Scientist to teach the program.
  • All students will be exposed to science process skills, critical thinking skills and scientific reasoning skills along with the scientific method.
  • Bonus Scientist Trading Card in each kit.

One hour program with (5) hands-on experiments & video demonstration.

1. Electronics, Gadgets & Gizmos During this presentation featuring the basic concepts of electricity students learn about forces, energy transfer, and electric fields like static and current.  Students will also examine the very common Piezo arcs and memory wire which is used in many industrial applications.  Electrical energy will change into light, heat, and sound; and transfer enough kinetic energy to move wires into different shapes!

2. Light – Faster Than A Speeding Bullet Like water and air, without light, life would be impossible. We need light to see by. Plants grow by absorbing light and changing it to food. Light from the sun is the source of nearly all our energy and warmth. Yet light is just one kind of electromagnetic radiation. There are other kinds like radio waves and cosmic rays. But light is the only kind of wave we see. Students will learn about sun & star light and all its many properties and benefits. Many concepts will be taught including the speed of light, rainbows, diffraction, 3D, optical illusions and color.

3. States of Matter The students will observe how solids, liquids, and gases change phases and properties when subjected to changes in energy and temperature, and learn how to define the states of matter. Their hands-on experiments involve making cool projects like snow, chalk, and even Nickelodeon Floam! They’ll find out that uniqueness of rubber and how a common starch is helping our environment.

4. Forces & Motion Physics is the study of motion and the forces behind motion. In the late 1600’s, Sir Isaac Newton put forward three laws of motion that we still use today. There are several simple types of motion including gravity, electricity, magnetism and nuclear power. Several energy forms are explored with a focus on potential & kinetic energy. They build a balancing toy, learn the energy in moving toys and see the effects of flight and coordination.

5. Engineering/Technology (1) An engineer is a professional who applies scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical problems. Engineers design materials, structures, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost. Through hands-on activities, they develop their own bridge and tower models and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different testable designs. The program also looks at building a roller coaster design, understanding why things fly from an engineering viewpoint, and creating a robotic arm.

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(Kits do not include tape, water, scissors or pens)