Hands-on School Programs/ Home School Programs/ Family Science Nights

$10.00 per child – $250 Minimum
At your school, camp, or other location

  • Class duration is one to eight weeks

  • Classes any time during the day or after school

  • 3-4 make and take home projects

  • 4 – 6 different science experiments

  • Choose from one or more categories or create your own

  • Pre-school, grades K-2, grades 1-5 or multi-age programs, grades 6-8

We have exciting programs that fit every grade level curriculum and state science standard from Pre-K to 8. The following are just some sample areas:

Crazy Chemistry – Chemical elements, liquids-solids-gases, flourescence, weird reactions, crystals, rubber, dry ice, matter, food chemistry, fingerprinting

Faster than a Speeding Bullet – Ultraviolet light, colors & light, speed, sound, optical illusions

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Air pressure, waves, tornadoes, evaporation, vacuums, density, buoyancy

Roller Coaster Rides – Physics, balance, motion, flight, inertia, friction and bubbles, forces, energy, balls & ramps, gravity

Heat & Company – Temperatures, melting, air flow, chemical reactions, pressure

Electronic Gadgets Gizmos – Static vs. circuit, magnetism, conductors vs. insulators, electromagnets, memory wires, Tesla coils, electroscopes

Space Adventure – Planetariums, constellations, telling time, astronomy, star finders, finding north, light

The Good Earth – Recycling, fossils, crystals, rocks & minerals, earth games, weather and climate • Science Magic & Games